A Zen Afternoon by the Pool

Happy Birthday to my baby brother Mark Kosman, who lives way the hell and gone in Sweden. He has lived in Europe a bit longer than I have been in Mexico, over thirty years and counting. Have a lovely day, Mark. I am sending you sunshine, sand, palm trees, and all my love.

I had a weird day yesterday. I took a half-day away from my computer, work, and my house. My dear friend and Vallarta Mirror columnist Sandra Bradley wanted to borrow my dressmaking mannequin, so I dismantled that, packed it up, and walked it and me to her house. We spent time chatting on her terrace then actually went sunbathing beside her swimming pool. It was GREAT!

The sun was fierce, the wind off the river just right and I was oblivious to everything but the heat on my skin and the absolute luxury of doing nothing but that. It was a very Zen afternoon. I walked home, sleepy as could be, fell into bed by 6, and slept for ten hours straight.

I am feeling fabulous this morning. Ready for Jordon Carnegie’s debut, 7:30 tonight at The Palm in Hedwig and the Angry Inch. With a title like that, how could you not go?