Amy Takes Us Back to the 80s

Barb Stenz and I had a couple of intense Scrabble games – she won the first by three points, and I won the second by one! Time did not allow for a rubber – just as well, we were both exhausted by then! Home for a quick change of clothes and to get Patrice, then off to bingo for Colina Spay & Neuter Clinic at Nacho Daddy. Patrice has let it be known to vets in her area in Alberta to save any extraneous meds or pet supplies for her; then, she donates all of it every trip to Mexico. Her karma came around yesterday and blessed our table with five wins in games and raffles! That was fun! There’s one more bingo on June 26 at 4 pm before Nacho Daddy closes for July and August vacations.

While we stuck around for Amy Armstrong’s concert, I introduced Patrice to Charlie Huynh, the owner of Let’s Pho (pronounced Fa), extolling the virtues of his restaurant’s carrot cake. He laughed about being the only 100% Vietnamese food resto in town famous for its carrot cake, and said he had customers that came in only for dessert! Let’s Pho is on our list for Patrice’s next visit. Tonight, for dinner, however, Charlie is giving 30% of everyone’s bill to Mercurio’s staff. There are no special menus or any fancy criteria or limitations – you spend a hundred pesos – 30 goes to Mecurio’s staff. Bless you, Charlie!

Amy Armstrong took the stage at 7, along with Al “Mimi” Ramirez on guitar, and moved us back to the 80s with some seriously lovely music. Amy and Mimi are using the next two Wednesdays as a sounding board for the basis of an upcoming show next season. If you love that era, send requests to Amy on Facebook and be sure to attend the next two completely different shows – she just may sing your fave songs. If you have never seen Amy in concert, go to Nacho Daddy, enjoy her powerful voice, her warm and fuzzy personality, and know she is funny as f**k. Parental Guidance Suggested (lol).