Bogie Roams

What a day I had with Humphrey Bogart! He was so justifiably upset when I picked him up at noon. His litter box, food, and toys went into the taxi’s trunk, and he, in his carrier, rode with me in the back seat. He stopped crying immediately; maybe the motion of the car calmed him.

He spent the day roaming the upstairs of my house—where I spend 95% of my time—smelling everything in his path. The main floor and basement will come later.

He jumped up on the bed several times in the night but didn’t stay. He also didn’t cry. I woke up around 6 with the first light; Bogie jumped on the bed and quietly showered me with hugs and affection. I returned the favor, smiling and grateful to be greeted so beautifully by this gorgeous creature. It’s going to be a spectacular day.