Brunch at Langostinos and ‘Art Convention’

I had a wonderful brunch yesterday with Chiara at Langostinos. Of course, I didn’t take photos of our food, but trust me – the vegetarian omelet (cheese and chile poblano) was superb, with fried potatoes and an abundant fresh fruit salad. FYI, it’s available until 1 pm only. Seeing Emilio back in the restaurant was fabulous; his charm was missed!

It took Chiara and me three hours to eat—well, no, but we kept the chairs warm for that long. Monica and Rick Miller stopped by briefly and separately to say hi, then carried on with their day. Unfortunately, I miss their upcoming pop-up party.

“Art Convention” took over the theater at Arte Vallarta up the hill on Pilitas last night. In this hilarious one-man show, Alejandro Balderas stars as multiple international art critics gathered at a convention to admire and critique “Yellow. Red, Blue” by Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky. Alex used every inch of space in the theater, on the floor, and on the steps up to the seats. He was perfectly engaged with everyone in the audience as his politically incorrect and stereotypical renderings of various nationalities unfolded with the narrator and translator introducing the critics.

A tour-de-comedic-force with rapid-fire dialogue in at least six languages smacked off the walls in between costume changes that occurred right onstage as fast as the spoken words. Alejandro’s control of his facial features and body language were fascinating to watch, and I loved the changes he has made with respect to the intimate space of the Moonlight Theatre at Art Vallarta.

Apparently, the Puppy Parade was a smashing success, as the three of us were trapped on the pedestrian bridge behind a sea of four-legged creatures and their leashes attached to wandering owners. Enjoy Pride!