Earth Day in Puerto Vallarta

I love when Universal Energies collide with perfect precision, when each person is exactly where they should be at the proper time and place and, most importantly, with one another.

Such exquisite timing happened yesterday at Los Mangos Library for an Earth Day Press Conference hosted by John Benus, creator of the Campaign Against Trash. John’s reputation preceded our formal meeting last week at the Vallarta Garden Club board meeting, and I saw him on Vallarta’s streets dressed in a cross between safari fatigues and an MP’s uniform. John Benus is Person One

A couple of months ago, as Vallarta Mirror’s editor, I received an intriguing letter outlining a well-thought-out plan for trash containment in Vallarta’s colonias, with a question on how to advertise these Cubos. After a few emails back and forth, we met and launched a modest advertising campaign to introduce this sturdy, attractive community ‘garbage can’ to the public. I invited him to meet me at Los Mangos because it seemed a perfect fit. Hans Brinkerhoff is Person Two

As it turned out, the ‘Press Conference’ became a fascinating brainstorming session with two ex-pats who are brothers at heart, hammering out a rough outline on coordinating efforts to meet the same end – a clean Puerto Vallarta. Then Jessy Ruiz arrived from CPS Media’s Asphalt TV news and tied everything up with a pretty bow.

John is looking for volunteers to help him clean up canals throughout the city before the rains carry everything into the ocean. Hans needs sponsors, a few condominium buildings, for example, acting with a green consciousness to buy a Cubo or two. Considering they will last a lifetime, they are incredibly inexpensive. Another way to help would be to sponsor a Cubo adorned with your company logo, to go into a specific colonia.

I am barely scraping the surface here of what these two gentlemen are dedicating their lives to, so please find out more at the following links and help if you can be a part of the solution From Here.