Coapinole Treasures; Restaurant Week News

Coapinole’s Tuesday Tianguis had Sandra Bradley and me there before 9 am, searching for treasures; we did well…especially Sandra. We left there with her two backpacks, full to overflowing. Our next stop was Shalom Nursery , across the street from La Comer. I had never been; no reason with my practically non-existent gardening space. However, I bought some climbing thingies I will plant today or tomorrow. The next stop was Costco, which again appeared as though Christmas was tomorrow morning. My cheesecake and I made it home in one piece, and after I had a long nap, headed to the gorgeous, new resto in Versalles that is a sister to Makal – Raiz y Maleza. Built on three levels, this beautiful space held the Press Conference celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Vallarta Lifestyles‘ Restaurant Week. From the rooftop bar, Juan Pablo Hernandez did as he had done from the get-go and emceed the proceedings. Waiters circulated with brightly colored cocktails, and video cameras rolled as the enlightened panel discussed the myriad of benefits that come from this gastronomic event. Running almost a month, Restaurant Week begins May 15 and ends June 10. When I mentioned to Juan Pablo that he really should rename it Restaurant Month, Jerry Jones from Out & About Puerto Vallarta magazine piped in, “It’s a Mexican Week,” with laughter all around.

The 44 participating restaurants are scattered from here to Sayulita and – drum roll, please! – The prices remain the same as last year. It is a sacrifice for the restaurants as everyone knows about the increased food costs. An excellent opportunity for residents and tourists to try new places at significant savings. Three courses, with three choices of each for either 459 or 575 pesos.

I had the pleasure of meeting Ulises Rodriguez, the new Director of Public Relations for Vallarta Tourism. We have promised to keep in touch.

One last word, Juan Pablo is fairly sure the hilarious Princesas Desesperadas will be coming back to Vallarta in December. All I can say to that is YAHOO!