Thank-You Party at Casita & Garden

I don’t know how gay communities are in other cities around the world, but ours in Vallarta is full to overflowing with creative, resourceful minds and a seemingly endless supply of love and affection for our city and one another. Yesterday was a perfect example of community – a thank-you party at Casita & Garden, instigated by Matt Karimi for sponsors that donated over a million pesos at the first fundraiser in February to build a new Gay+ Community Center. That Center will open next week! The determination of this group to keep medical treatments available first and foremost is unstoppable.

Owner Francie Nguyen oversaw a steady stream of various finger foods that were passed through the crowd of business people and retirees enjoying cocktails. Diego Guerrero sang, short speeches were delivered, new contacts were made, business cards were exchanged, the Board of Directors was introduced, the hugs did not stop and the love never will.