Dinner on the Beach; Pink at The Palm

Prior to the outstanding Pink Tribute at The Palm last night, I was treated to a lovely dinner at El Dorado on the beach. It has been years since I have had the pleasure – ‘El Do’ used to be the expat gathering place for Happy Hour daily. Hurricane Kenna 25 years ago necessitated a complete renovation and it is nearly as chi-chi as its sister resto, La Palapa next door.

My hosts were Reynald Hiole and Bradley Robinson from San Francisco who were celebrating the completion of a painting by David Perez. So, the four of us settled in for sunset, food, and mariachi and celebrated a very Mexican painting and life in this glorious city of Vallarta.

Nothing makes me happier than to sit with newbies – Reynald and Bradley quite unexpectedly, bought a condo last November and are planning to spend as much time as possible here in their new digs. It is delightful to listen to stories about buying real estate in a foreign country and the trials by fire of Immigration that we have all gone through and, is a conversational process impossible to relate to someone who has not done it. I had to fly through the profiteroles – that were sensational, by the way, and head to The Palm for Pink.

Eva Jimenez is spectacular in Pink! Her Opening Night was packed to overflowing, full of friends and fans who watched Eva almost in constant motion, dancing, tumbling, and singing beautifully the entire time. I will see this concert again—there was so much going on, and the energy in the room was so kinetic that I missed lots. So run for tickets! Brava, Eva! You made me laugh and cry more than once – your power, girl… amazing.

Nadia Turner opens Monday at The Palm; catch you there at 8 pm.

Have a fabulous weekend, everybody.