Speedos and Mr. Vallarta

Yesterday, after Scrabble at Qulture, the first stop was The Palm Cabaret for the opening of the second annual Mr. Vallarta contest. And what a line-up it was, including my favorite dancer in Vallarta, Paco! Hosted by Sebastian Coronel and Nacho Granados, 14 gorgeous guys displayed what they have spent years building in the gym. I think Vallarta would win first place in the most Speedos-per-square-kilometer contest! Thank you, Mercurio Swim. The top ten return next Wednesday at 6 pm to choose the finalists that will share 20k in cash and other prizes. Three guesses where I will be!

From The Palm across Zona Romantica to El Granero, upstairs (I didn’t know there even was one – the resto is gigantic!), for the first Annual 2023 We Are Puerto Vallarta Awards. Sponsored by PVRPV.com and hosted by Jamie Alexander in English, with Jessy Ruiz translating. Old, old friends were honored, Clair Guarniere for Galleria Dante, Coco’s Kitchen for best breakfast spot, German Garcia for Garbo’s, Adriana Lopez from The Palm Cabaret and Bar (the ‘best entertainment venue’ garnered the most interest in the contest with over 60,000 votes cast!). And more recent friends – within the last twenty years like Cassandra Shaw, Kevin Levesque, and sparkling brand new friends of the past decade, like Tricia Lyman, Kevin Anthony, Mark Hartman, and Effie Passero. Do I know way cool people, or what?

Congratulations to everyone who voted and to all who were nominated. To PVRPV and their sponsors, including Jerry at Out & About PV Magazine and Mikel at Thrive IV & MedSpa, for putting together this well-received award’s event, in your spare time.(!!)

Tonight is Eva Jimenez’s tribute to Pink at The Palm – see you there.