Garden Club, Mr. Vallarta

Going around the conference table yesterday, Vallarta Garden Club‘s new President, Sunny Rossi, asked each board member how and when they got involved with the VGC. Almost all of us answered something like ‘by accident.’ And why have we stayed? Because keeping Vallarta beautiful is essential to all of us.

If you are new to Vallarta and want to volunteer your time and energy (money is welcome, too), you would be hard-pressed to find a more congenial atmosphere or a kinder bunch of people to be with. If the thought of digging in the dirt pulling out weeds, and pruning heavily thorned bushes gives you the willies, volunteer to bring and dispense the wine. Hydration is important! We need people to head committees, help plan future events, fundraiser wizards and those who love getting their hands dirty or spending hours mindlessly (endlessly!) watering the Isla’s new plantings.

Every Sunday from 3 to 5 pm, the Vallarta Garden Club sponsors Music in the Park on the Isla by the stairs going up to Gringo Gulch. Local musicians will play and sing. All you need is to bring a chair or a blanket to sit on, food and drink if you like, and some tip money for the entertainers. And do spend some time before and after wandering around this little slice of heaven in the middle of the city. What a difference volunteers make in the life of a tourist destination after a hurricane. Contact Sunny Rossi on Facebook for information about the Vallarta Garden Club.

I flew away from Di Vino Dante and the VGC meeting and ran (well…) to The Palm Cabaret and Bar for the finals of Mr-Vallarta Puertovallarta, and made it with five minutes to spare. Thanks to Mikel Alvarez, I snagged the last seat on the main floor.

Nine finalists in three rounds produced the winner – Jorge. My favorite didn’t win, but I will see Francisco – Paco – this Sunday in Swan Lake at Act2PV Theater. The raves about that production have been outstanding across the board!

In the meanwhile, Roy Cruz as Freddie Mercury tomorrow at The Palm at 8 pm.