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I am so bad at remembering to take photos when I am supposed to! I shot the one here on my way home after lunch. This guy had not moved much in the hours I spent over lunch with Mikel Alvarez at a new (for me) restaurant, eating new (for me) cuisine and ordering from Mikel and owner Charlie Huynh’s suggestions. Did it even occur to me to take my phone out of my purse? Of course not. So, I missed sharing shots of a delightful lunch with an even more delightful friend.

With apologies done, get yourselves over to ‘Let’s Pho,’ on Lazaro Cardenas right at the edge of the park. Pronounce it properly: F-A. That’s right, pho is fa. And the food is delish and filling. After hours of conversation that had been brewing for at least two months until our schedules miraculously collided, we split a piece of carrot cake baked daily in the Vietnamese restaurant. The cake is worth a trip just for the icing! It’s a double layer of heaven right there.

Mikel Alvarez owns ThrIVe IV & Med Spa and has a background steeped in helping others; he will not engage in anything unless it has an upside that promotes humanity. He is deeply connected to Vallarta, which is undoubtedly at the center of our connection.

I am looking forward to getting a tour of ThrIVe and soon. When I do, I promise I will take photos!

There will be Scrabble today at Qulture Galleries and the finals of Mr Vallarta at The Palm Cabaret and Bar at 6. From Here, we will have a full report on both sets of shenanigans tomorrow.