Gloria Fiona’s Burlesque: Gutsy and Fearless

She wanted to do something different, so curtains were hung over the windows making La Catrina Cantina pretty much pitch black in the early evening. The sold-out crowd whooped, hollered, whistled, clapped and shouted as Gloria Fiona’s Burlesque brought the house down in a thunderous standing ovation.

Gloria is gutsy and fearless, and she credits Irene, her fiancee, who showers her with love daily and tells her she is beautiful so often that she has come to believe it.

And she is kind, donating 20% of ticket sales to Vallarta’s favorite orphanage – RISE.

On Sunday at 4 pm, La CC will host Beers, Burgers, and Boys on behalf of Hotel Mercurio’s staff. Go and have fun and contribute what you can to help Paul Crist’s staff. All that will be missing is the swimming pool,