Greatest Show; Bingo Is Back

Happy Summer to everybody from the gray sky of Vallarta. At least the birds are flying this morning but quietly, getting their day started without sunshine or rain. I need more coffee.

Summer began a day early last night at Act2PV. Cate Valcic produced the first Greatest Show, which is scheduled to run every Wednesday at 6 pm from now until the fall. Write that in your calendar, and do not miss this ever-changing weekly delight. This show has no cover, only a two-drink minimum of 200 pesos.

Mary Ann’s Ovations Piano Bar was packed prior to the show, and David Duvall presided over the piano and songs. The Casa Karma Red Room‘s seats were full, but for a couple. Lydia Damato is back from Africa, looking fresh and rested; she will be presiding over the last bingo of the season at Nacho Daddy next Wednesday, the 26th.

Speaking of Bingo, catch the first one at Act2 this coming Saturday from 5 to 7, with Liberace himself calling the balls.

David Maiocco, who channels Liberace, accompanied several vocalists at The Greatest Show. He told me later that quite a few singers had only previously played with tracks. What a difference a live touch makes in such an intimate setting!

I was going to write about a couple of outstanding performances but I really can’t – in the two-hour-plus concert, there were so many that, to be fair, let me just say, reserve now for next week and try to pick the top three. I betcha can’t.