Scrabble and Summer Season at Act2PV

It’s Juneteenth in the US and mid-week here. It is raining gently but earnestly; I am in need of a sunny day. This weather makes me lazy and underproductive, and worse, I don’t care that I am lazy and not doing anything. So, we have to go with the flow (ahem…) – that’d be downhill for now until there is a break in the monotony of gray.

Today is the opening of the summer season at Act2PV and the return of the wildly popular Greatest Show which usually fills the Casa Karma Red Room to the rafters because it’s FREE (two drink minimum)! That’s not why it’s full – the free admission is welcomed, of course, but the quality of the shows, produced every single week is outstanding. It is the smartest advertising campaign I have ever enjoyed! To see a smattering of what’s coming up in the fall and winter season is a win-win for the theater and the audience.

Scrabble at Qulture will precede. Sadly, a couple of our better players are out of town, but that’s only our loss.

I had mango smoothies yesterday with my lovely friend Sandra Bradley and am doing the same thing tomorrow with my dear Juan Carlos Bernal.

Also, tomorrow is a classical music concert at Act 2PV starring two amazing pianists, Duo Vallarta, Jean-Guy Comeau, and Aquiles Morales. As with every event in town, check for details.