Interviews on the Way

Get ready Vallarta: MY SISTER IS COMING

Dates to be announced but it will be early June.

Forty-eight hours after his explosive debut as Hedwig (and her) Angry Inch, Jordon Carnegie and I sat down for smoothies and a chat. Read that this week in Vallarta Mirror; it will be the first informal interview of a series planned that, so far, includes Eva Jimenez (Pink) and Gloria Fiona (Adele). You are welcome to send me names of entertainers you’d like to know more about.

The First Saturday of the Month is always a blast at the Arte Vallarta Museo. To fortify our spirits beforehand, Sandra Bradley and I stopped in to say hi to owner Roderick and server Fernando, at The Greasy Gourmet and to devour some Canadian poutine. Mine without the godbloodyawful cheese. In western Canada, a hundred years ago when I was growing up, you could find ‘chips and gravy’ on every menu; down east, as we would say, they had poutine, the extra ingredient being cheese curds. Now, however, poutine is standard fare across the country. I won’t eat cheese with my french fries and you can’t make me.

Some rare sightings at the museum last Saturday included Lee and Nancy Chapman, Robert Howell, Elroy Quenroe and Gary Thompson. Newcomers Jerry Jones and Oscar Almeida from Out & AboutPV magazine schmoozed with everyone, shot lots of photos and enjoyed the gorgeous artwork and the beautiful space the museum embodies. These ‘First Saturdays’ have become the new Rizo’s as far as a gathering place goes, as Selena Luna and Jim and Eva Demetro can attest. If you are in town, your friends will know where to find you. There are only two weeks left in Dove Bradshaw’s exhibit before everything is boxed up and sent back to New York City. Coming up at the Arte VallARTa Museo is Mexican artist Erik Rivera, just in time for Pride. More information on that important exhibition this week in Vallarta Mirror.

In the face of music disappearing entirely in Vallarta three years ago, Juan Alvarado and Bill Williams opened La Catrina Cantina. Between them, they had absolutely no restaurant or bar experience, except they knew exactly what they wanted: a place for their talented musician friends to earn some money during the pandemic.

I was there Opening Night and was so happy to celebrate three years with them. The happiest bar in Vallarta where everyone treats and is treated with love and kindness. And the best music in town.

Gloria Fiona, “La Voz de Catrina,” kicked off the celebrations with her fabulous voice. Young Rise Winner, Angeloo was in the audience with his dad and sang Shallow with Gloria. Watch for her Burlesque Show at La CC, 6:30 pm, May 22, and get tickets pronto, while you still can.

Gorgeous Stella Rosas was up next and got the dance floor hopping with a medley of favorite Spanish-language dance hits. Luis Villanueva emceed the show and sang a C & W duet with Patriz.

Two of my fave entertainers in Vallarta, Tromba Vetusta, aka Dabit Azofeifa and Ale Matus stole the show with their clowning around. Their final show of the season, CIRCONCIERTO, is at Act2 this coming Wednesday at 5 pm.

Congratulations to Juan and Bill at La Catrina Cantina and your long list of grateful entertainers. What on earth would we have done without you?

Have a great start to an even greater week, Vallarta