Marco Camacho, a New present to Vallarta

By my crude measurements, we had about five inches of rain in the night, with some attendant thunder and lightning and, lucky me, an extended party in the neighborhood with non-stop banda. A nap is in my near future!

Strange (but good!) things happen in Vallarta all the time and those of us who have lived here for years not only acknowledge them but expect them. I am talking about meeting or sometimes just seeing someone across a room, making eye contact, and BAM! – lifetimes exchanged in that one glance.

It happens to me a lot, mostly with artists and musicians in particular. I have always felt that artists are a rare breed that needs to be gentled along in life; they should have nothing else to do but perform.

I am such a groupie, lost in love and joy once I hear that perfectly-hit note, great guitar riff, the triple-tap of a conductor’s baton. What GIFTS these artists bring us daily in Vallarta!

A new present to Vallarta, Marco Camacho hails from Kansas and currently has two shows a week at La Catrina Cantina. Not the greatest time slot, 6:30, but he’s new and has to begin somewhere. I first heard his voice at an Act2PV fundraiser, (and we did the eye thing) and knew I wanted to hear more.

We spent nearly three hours over mango smoothies and pizza yesterday, getting to know one another and me trying to explain some idiosyncratic things about Vallarta. Marco’s heart is here. That means he will go back to his teaching job in the States next month, but he will return again and again to sing for us. Keep your eyes on and here, of course, for updates on where this lovely man will be singing until the end of July.

What a life I have in this gray, soggy Paradise.