Flautists, a Pianist, a Soprano

I was so happy last night, walking home in the misty rain and seeing so much water under the new bridge. Running fast toward the ocean, the Rio Cuale, thick as chocolate milk and the same color, is loaded with nutrients for all the fishies in the sea.

I came from another splendid classical music concert at Act2PV, with two flautists, a pianist, and a soprano. The program started with the Baroque era and could have stayed there as far as I was concerned. Still, it was interesting to hear the differences and how uncomplicated modern music is in comparison.

It is always a delight to hear Kathy Overly sing. I asked her a couple of years ago after a concert at the Church if she was a mezzo-soprano. She looked at me sharply and retorted, “Well, I am NOW!” (David Sabella‘s alter ego, Amanada Reckonwith, can relate.) Age has done lovely things to Kathy’s voice; it pours like wildflower honey, with no sharp edges, no great shattering power, but subtle and steady strength. Her voice is uncomplicated, warm, comfortable, and melodic.

The two flautists, Andrea Jupina and Olga Martinez, complimented each other beautifully. Both musicians play in the Vallarta Symphony Orchestra; their rendition of the sultry aria Habanera from Bizet’s Carmen was unusual – flutes instead of trumpets! – and wonderful!

Music Director, arranger, pianist for the evening and a sweet, kind friend, Jean-Guy Comeau, kept his musicians on and in time. Jay-Gee is irresistible to watch play piano or, with a flick of a switch, harpsichord! There’s the silver lining when complaining about electronic keyboards!

Many, many thanks to these fine musicians for spanning the ages of music on a rainy evening in July; it was delightfully delicious.