Monday Night Break

How’s everybody on this gray and soggy day? Feet webbing yet? I checked first thing this morning to see what I could do tonight, entertainment-wise. Guess what? Nothing! That’s correct. There is nothing to do on a Monday night in Vallarta. Seems impossible and seemingly not great planning going on out there. That will be my excuse for having nothing to discuss in the morning!

Last Saturday, however, Act2PV inaugurated Bingo! It was held in the newly renovated Ovations Piano Bar and presided over by Liberace himself! David Maiocco was resplendent in about 50 pounds of black and white sequins, rings on every finger, and hair spray. The popcorn was lovely and the air was filled with the aroma of brand new freshly-roasted coffee beans we used as markers.

I sat with Jan Dorland and Sharon Gerber Scherer, who won the raffle and gave the money back. The elevator for Act2PV got another bump closer to reality. New General Manager David Sabella sang, as did Cate Valcic, with Lee on the keys being perfect.

I am off to the gym, have a superb day, and I will catch you again tomorrow.