Rainy Morning in Puerto Vallarta

It has been raining for hours, steadily, with no pyrotechnics. It should stop when the sun comes up; I see the Church clock is broken again and wonder how long it will be 9:08?

Yesterday was auspicious for the Florida Panthers and their first Stanley Cup. I was hoping Edmonton would win, but hockey is another thing I left behind decades ago when I moved to Mexico.

June 24 was also a great day for my sister Patrice – she sold her hotel. The deed is done, money went one way, keys in exchange. She is over the moon happy and planned to sleep in until noon today just because she can.

Almost 20 years, she and her partner owned the small boutique hotel, and while it certainly gave them a good life, nobody at our age needs to punch a clock anymore. So she is done. Yay! That also means she will be able to come and visit her favorite sister in Vallarta more often and stay longer!

Casa Karma kicks off their “Summertime and the Listening is Easy” tonight, starting with Nauhuales at 7. It will be enchanting, I am sure. Next one is a reprise from Act2PV with Duo Vallarta – Jean-Guy Comeau and Aquiles Morales on pianos, June 29. The latter is likely sold out.

See you on the labyrinth this evening.