My Adoption of Bogie

It’s 7 am, and the day already looks spectacular. May and November are the best months in Vallarta – cool nights and mornings, hot days, and not a lot of humidity. Enjoy while you can!

A million thanks to all of you who have extended condolences about the passing of my last kitty – Miri. I am still getting hugs, still needing them so thanks in advance for more!

I am announcing my adoption of Humphrey Bogart, or “Bogie” as he is affectionately called, at his longtime home at the San Franciscan Hotel, which is attached to Arte Vallarta at the top of Olas Altas on Pilitas.

My darling Vet, Doctora Claudia, mentioned him to me, knowing I could not live without a cat presence in my life for long. Bogie and I met yesterday, and we are going to give it a try. I pick him up tomorrow.

I will have one rule for Mr. Humphrey Bogart: do not, under any circumstances, wake me up at ungodly hours like 3 am. Other than that, mi casa es tu casa, and I will love you unconditionally. See you tomorrow, Bogie