Nadia Turner Wows at The Palm

From Miami Dolphin cheerleader to a G8 summit entertainer to a Top-8 Finalist in American Idol, Nadia Turner has done some global traveling. She wowed her audience – including her mom and her daughter, also an American Idol participant – last night at The Palm Cabaret and Bar. Nadia’s rendition of ‘Landslide’ by Fleetwood Mac was outstanding, with guitarist Mau accompanying and percussionist Dannyju keeping the beat subtle and steady. Nadia has one more show at the Palm Cabaret this Thursday at 8 pm.

The finals for Mr Vallarta are tomorrow at 6 pm at The Palm, after a few thrilling games of Scrabble at Qulture Galleries! See you on Humpday for coffee and more chatter From Here.