Sake, Sushi and French Fries

The most important thing about today is that it’s my sister’s birthday; there aren’t many people who remember the day she was born. At four, I was so excited to get to have a baby sister; she was a delight then and now. Happy Birthday, Patrice!

Yesterday I walked through town and up that damn hill to get to the Press Conference held on the rooftop at Pinnacle. The Second Annual Rainbow Run –, – celebrating LGBT+, will take place on November 10. An enormous amount of planning has already been done, and the organizers are hoping to triple the number of participants this year over last. I had the pleasure of formally meeting Luis Villaseñor, the General Director of the Fideicomiso of Tourism of Vallarta. He and his team have been tirelessly promoting our city from Vancouver, Canada, to the Czech Republic and all places in between.

At the press conference, I was so happy to see my friend and colleague, Jerry Jones, from Out & About magazine. He is such an inspiration and great help to me. Jerry’s super photographer, Oscar Almeida, was live-streaming the event.

Sandra Bradley and I met up again in the evening at La Catrina Cantina for a quick drink and a little Marco Camacho, then we walked to Francie Nguyen’s new resto, The Bonito Lounge, on Basilio Badillo, intending to just have a look, but the space was so inviting that we sat over sake, sushi and French fries in truffle oil and parmesan. Lovely to see Alison Lo and Exton Wilson hard at work in this delightful and airy new space of Francie’s.

After our short visit to the Bonito Lounge, I returned to La CC to catch the last set of Tre Tenori starring Pedro Islas, Juan Inés, and Gerardo Frías. A power trio, to be sure, I hope they’ll be back next week.

It is the weekend again; enjoy Gloria Fiona’s last show at Nacho Daddy, tomorrow night at 6:30.