Scrabble, Bingo and Live Music

The sun came out yesterday and made me so happy. My patio and comfy chair beckoned – even my kitty Bogie requested some sun time. But there was Scrabble to lose to my excellent opponent, Sharon, who has decided to create the best sourdough bread in Vallarta. In exchange for being her willing guinea pig, I offered to let her win at Scrabble, and she did. The sourdough is dense, chewy, delightfully, slightly sour. ‘Mouthwatering’ covers it, but I may need another loaf or two to be 100% sure; losing never tasted so good.

A quick walk home to change and leave the five-pound loaf of bread with Bogie then on to Nacho Daddy for the last Colina Spay & Neuter bingo of the season. ND will be closed all of July and August. They have had an extremely busy season, and everyone is ready to rest. Some great, final shows this week, however. I continued to lose at bingo – rare for me but, hey, I was on a roll!

Straight from Nacho Daddy to La Catrina Cantina and caught Freddy Otello Pacheco mid-sound check. His countertenor voice filled the empty bar and gave me goosebumps. I waited for my date to arrive, when Freddy’s counterpart, Sarah Joy Heckbert, arrived, husband in tow, for her sound check. I have never been so happy waiting for a concert to begin, getting all these ‘extras.’ Sandra Bradley arrived, and the two of us enjoyed the sweet sounds of two sensational voices. In duet, these two are formidable – ‘The Drinking Song’ from La Traviata, “a toast to the pleasures of life,” was rousing and a delightful end to what may be the start of a monthly Bella Notte d’Opera summer series at La CC. I will keep you posted.

Straight from La Catrina Cantina, I sprinted around the corner to Act2PV‘s Casa Karma Red Room to catch the last hour of the Greatest Show, held every Wednesday.

Of course, all I heard was that I had missed the GREATEST Greatest Show ever. Ugh! Choices! This week was ably hosted by Bobbi Goddard, a fellow Calgarian (Sarah Joy as well!), and produced by Cate Valcic. I caught tunes by Enoch and Bing, Alfredo Mendoza and Ale Matus, Tonny Kenneth, Andy Sands is back, full of hugs and gratitude to be home after four months in Texas, and singer/pianist Alexis Macias who continued to entertain in Mary Ann’s Ovations Bar, after the Greatest Show wrapped.

General Manager David Sabella showed me through the new Terrace Bar overlooking Basilio Badillo, with music piped in from Ovations Piano Bar. Bright tablecloths will soon hold plates of food prepared onsite in the tiny kitchen; the menu is being built as we speak.

Walking into Act2 these days is like entering the grounds of the Calgary Stampede on opening day or any year-long anticipated county fair – the excitement in the very air is palpable.