A Double Rainbow

On my walk to Casita & Garden last evening, I was covered by a perfect – and at one point – a double! – rainbow! It caused quite a sensation on the streets, and I felt quite blessed to be outside in that rare, bright display. I was going to C & G to listen to The Dirties, Diego Guerrero’s rock ‘n roll band. While Diego is best known in Vallarta for his sweet, tender ballads with tributes to Nina Simone selling out every performance, he can and does kick serious rock ass given the opportunity. The Dirties opened with Pink Floyd and one of the versions of “Shine on You Crazy Diamond,” and I remained happy for the next 90 minutes.

Diego explained that he and his band play almost exclusively in Nayarit, but he didn’t say why! I remember sitting outside by the river at Incanto one night and hearing them in the theater; must have been 3 or 4 years ago and my interest was piqued then. There were a number of singers in the audience last night. Mama Tits sang one song with Diego, and Yoalli Guerrero Ortiz was sitting beside me having dinner. She, the amazing costar of Hedwig and the Angry Inch and the Lovers band.

My original table companions Rob Burton, Jan Dorland, Joe and Yvonne Wallace, were so stuffed from dinner at Casita & Garden they left early, and Yoalli and her friends joined me.

I am hoping Francie will have The Dirties back at Casita & Garden – it was packed last night, and to those that left during the sound check – the volume was not bad at all for the concert. Keep your eyes daily on VallartaCalendar.com to help plan your evenings.