A Pristine Page

When my sister Patrice was here in November last year, she bought me a large daytimer from Office Depot for my birthday. I really needed the extra space to jot notes for appointments, shows, meetings (lots of meetings!) and reminders.

For the first time in 2024, I have a pristine page. I had nothing to do yesterday, Sunday. The page looked the same when I went to bed last night as when I woke up in the morning. Not a single thing was pending that required a mere mention. Nothing. That means, people, I had a day off.

I stayed home with Bogie, didn’t get dressed, and didn’t need make-up. Bogie understands none of those things are required for him to be fed and cared for. I napped, reworked a couple of dresses, played in my garden until I didn’t want to anymore, got some sun, ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, and so it went all day. It was perfect. I am energized and looking forward to an engaging week full of interesting people, great food, fabulous entertainment, conversation, and lots of hugs.