Everybody is Smiling at Act2PV

Yesterday was jam-packed with so many cool things starting with a great walk to and from Central Gym and a workout and veggie shopping in between the to and from. Then, I met up with Mark Rome, Entertainment Director of The Palm Cabaret AND the new Coco Cabaret, scheduled to open in November. We had a tour of the construction site. The roof will be six meters over the raised stage – lots of room for the aerialists to fly. Remember Air-otic at Industry? Yep. Their new home.

We ended up at Los Muertos Brewing for limonadas and a run through the roster for both clubs. A who’s-who in the entertainment world with Coco Cabaret being open very late at night BUT it’s less than a five-minute walk from my house. All very exciting indeed; I can start dropping some names next month, so stay tuned and be prepared to be dazzled.

Three games of Scrabble, aced them all, home for a nap, late lunch, then off to Act2PV for the Greatest Show, a weekly happening that is always brand new, highly entertaining, and there is no cover – just the standard cabaret, (200 peso) two-drink minimum.

Enrique de Allende was in the house sporting sunglasses to hide his black eye caused by an errant golf ball. His concert is tonight in the Casa Karma Red Room. There MIGHT be a ticket or two left to what may be his last concert as he is retiring and going into politics. I will have a full report on his concert tomorrow.

David Maiocco, who interprets Liberace all over the world, was on hand for the Greatest Show with his intricate artistry at the piano. Act2 is so lucky to have him; he shares his skills easily with the performers, some of whom had never sung to anything but a track. He is so kind.

David Sabella, Act2’s new frontman, keeps the energy flowing onstage, and Cate Valcic, producer of The Greatest Show, also keeps Sabella on track. All is running smoothly and positively at Act2, and everybody is smiling.