Balloons, Barbeque and Great Music at Act2PV

I hope everyone’s Fourth of July was as fun as mine. Act2PV was festooned with balloons, barbeque and great music. But before I get into yesterday’s festivities, I have to report that Sharon Gerber Scherer is not just the Air Fryer Queen, the Queen of sourdough bread making in the city, she is also Queen of Scrabble by two points (and I had the raisin bread heel to prove it!). She’s a formidable opponent, and I love her to pieces, as she would say to me: Mazeltov!

David Maiocco channels Liberace down to the smallest detail – the hair, the flamboyant, fabulous costumes, the voice, the extraordinary, virtuoso piano playing, and the most important element – Joy. It is written on David’s face; he has told me in the past that his face hurts after a performance from smiling so hard!

Act2 is winning the race to build an elevator for the upcoming season. David Duvall, who performed in Mary Ann’s Ovations Bar prior to Red, White and Rhapsody in Blue, donated all his tips to the fund. Georgia Darehshori, who sponsors the Casa Karma Red Room, won the 50/50 raffle and gave all the money back to the cause.

Michael Holland and hubby Ray Careme came out of hiding to enjoy Maiocco’s show, as did Gabe Arciniega, Tom Bernes, John and Barbara McKinney, Jim Davis, David Gaines and his adorable Casanova, the Scherers, Empressa Al-Yasha and Rey Spearo, Jan Dorland and Rob Burton who is happily back from vacation at last. That’s to name a few.

Cudos to David Sabella, Cate Valcic, and their crew. It is wonderful to see everyone working with smiles on their faces. To David Maiocco – Maestro, thank you for you, you are so loved.