Gloria Fiona Breaks New Ground

Happy Fourth of July to all my American friends. I will be joining the barbeque festivities at Act2PV this afternoon and then tonight, the fabulous Rhapsody in Red, White and Blue, starring David Maiocco as Liberace at 7.

Gloria Fiona had her second Burlesque-ish show last night at La Catrina Cantina. It was completely different from her first one last month, and honestly, I can’t wait for the third edition.

Gloria is breaking new ground here, or maybe that’s the wrong expression. She is removing barriers to the layers of sexuality that have always been there but hidden or swept under the bed for a kind of groovy allusion by shame-filled patriarchs.

The edges of human sexuality are blurry these days, with our children being raised with gender options that also include “none of the above.” The book Fifty Shades of Grey, which nobody admits to reading, was named the book of the DECADE with sales in the double-digit-millions of copies. So, like the audience at La CC last night, we all wanted more. Just a little more, and that, of course, will lead to a little more until we understand that bondage, S & M, and more if done with love, are perfectly acceptable and maybe even fun.

Last night’s show was all about anticipation, titillation, and yes, wanting more. Just remember your safe word.