Nahuales at Casa Karma

What a night at Casa Karma, sitting on the labyrinth under a cloudy but dry sky, nibbling some lovely canapes, and watching Nahuales unfold at the edge of the sea. The dancers/acrobats are all strong, lithe and completely without bones, wrapping themselves around one another in complicated choreography with a few strength moves that were jaw-dropping and over before I could even grasp what I just saw. This show has to be seen numerous times to get great photos. The pace is fast and furious with lots of fire and beautifully crafted bodies- this company has a great future. Casa Karma was a perfect backdrop; I hope Nahuales has a repeat show this summer. It was a Mystical Night.

Scrabble at Qulture today at 1, bingo for Colina Spay & Neuter Clinic at 4 pm at Nacho Daddy, and 6:30 for Freddy and Sarah singing arias at La Catrina Cantina. And, I think the sun’ll be out today.